Hi, I’m Shaun.
I love to make stuff.
I like to solve problems.  

Professional things

Personal things

Listening to.

Adobe stuff (PS, AI, AE, PR, XD), Figma , Sketch

Ram Trucks, Dodge, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Chase Private Client, LEGO, Chevrolet, Ghirardelli, Chicken of the Sea, Kaiser Permanente, University of Michigan Health, USAA


Design, Art Direction, UX/UI Design, Digital Advertising, Motion Graphics & Animation, Video Editing, Campaign & Concept Development, Social Media Content

I have had the fortune to provide design and art direction for a bunch of diverse clients and partners. Each offered me the opportunity to strengthen and gain skills while engaging with their unique customers and fans. I helped define several iconic brands' digital voices and created some awesome partnered content with Stellantis. While at LEGO I helped build a small, agile team to create social content, engagement campaigns, and microsites for fans. Not to mention the financial, insurance, and government clients in-between those.

I thrive in collaborative environments and love getting my hands dirty pushing pixels. Design, concept development, pitching, and everything in between. Creating those big, shiny, (occasionally impractical) concepts is as important to the process as ensuring the craft of the smallest piece of collateral.

TL;DR I have made a lot of internet stuff over the years for a lot of different clients. Maybe we can make some stuff together.