photoshoot poc

Art Direction  
While crafting new concepts for a brand I found it difficult to push the ideas using their existing photography. I decided to experiment with Midjourney to create a virtual photoshoot. With this new tool I was able to create photographic examples that worked with the candid, narrative driven concepts I and the team were working towards.

Your vehicle should be the supporting cast in your life...

This was the underlying concept to the work and virtual shoot. So, even though the vehicle remains prominent in the imagery, there is so much more life, and story going on around it.

you are the hero

Just because that sounds cliche, doesn’t mean it can’t be true. Leaning in to additional photography I focused on the drivers. It was important to capture them in candid, and inspiring ways; not just using them as props to demonstrate why-buys.

for whatever you do

Whether it’s hauling gear back for a big DIY project, collecting reclaimed pallets for your woodworking passion, extreme camping, moving your kid into their dorm, or just piling in beach gear. What you do with the bed of your truck tells a stoty about you, your dreams, hardwork, and motivation. The intent was to also caputure the variety of what our drivers load up and have them unload thier story about it all.