Chrysler Pacifica Digital Launch

For the digital launch of the new Chrysler Pacifica, we focused on numerous content partnerships and social media, meeting the potential drivers where they were already thumbing through the internet.

This included several  Facebook’s canvas units, a partnership with Romper/Bustle, and inserting some infotaintment into various special interest websites.
Art Direction
Motion Graphics

Chrysler Pacifica Launch Canvases

Here we created a brief narrative about how the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid not only fits perfectly into your family, but makes your days a little more awesome and worry-free. It was developed using some limited existing assets, running footage, and a little magic.

Thanks to the high engagement with the Hybrid Pacifica Canvas, and get some crosspollination between gas and hybrid, we created a “combo” Canvas to work as a starting point to get into the Canvas experience for either model of the Pacifica

Copywriter Hannah Daniel