Microsoft Interface Concept

This was part of a "blue sky" intern project in 2008 to explore the potentials of seamless user interface across mobile, desktop, and large presentation space.

UI/UX Design

The following walkthroughs follow a hypothetical work day; from reviewing and making small edits on your mobile device, to a more robust workflow on a desktop, to collaboration and presentation on a projected wall space.
The experience should be seamless.


Here the user makes minor edits and inserts a page to add notes they can address when they have access to their desktop device.


In this magical, chromeless interface the radial navigation allows the user to seemlessly import content from other relevent documents. Here, the program identifies potential referenced documents from the notes created on the mobile experience.

Digital Whiteboard w/ Multiple Users

This example illustrates several users start collaborating on a project by drawing directly on screen and using mobile devices. Then the meetings starts with agenda breakdown and timing. The presenter then uses their mobile device to control the presentation.