Art Direction
Motion Design

I wasn’t content to just draw characters. I had to create a team of characters for an imagined game, design their world, craft intricate levels, layout instruction manuals for how they fought, illustrate box art and posters. So, when AI starting rearing it’s  robot head into the world I thought it might be an opportunity to give myself a little assignment, explore the ethical conflict, and make something creatively enriching at a fidelity that my inner-child could have only dreamed of.

a rhythmic lyric from an Edo-period folk song performed before sumo matches. It has become known as the sumo shout when exerting themselves in combat, despite the fact they never do.

a giant monster famously featured in effects-driven Japanese fantasy/science fiction movies and television programs known as tokusatsu. The term “kaiju” itself is a combination of the words for mystery (kai) and beast (ju).
*MegaSmash was what my son shouted when he
came into the office and saw me working on this.

First things first; The Kaiju.

To be honest, I just started making sofubi-style monsters without any grand plans. But, after generating a few dozen (or hundred) I started to see themes and teams form. That’s when I decided that this needed to be a bit more.