Alfa Romeo + 6 Underground

When the cornerstone vehicle for Alfa Romeo stars in Netlix’s larger-than-life Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds film you get some pretty great content to work with, in contrast to the legal feedback to navigate.

These partnered placements and experiences offered the brand an opportunity to expose a new audience to the excitement that the Alfa Romeo has always embodied.
Art Direction 
Motion Graphics

XBox Landing Experience

It was a great experience to design on a new platform and create content for the console. We collaborated with the Microsoft team to  better understand the known interactions for these experiences. This allowed us to ditch some layers of explanitory UI and let the content be the hero.
This landing experience hosted the campaign's video content, a performance-focused 360º viewer of the Giulia Quadrifoglio's features and engine, and a Do/Don't image gallery that leaned into the broader campaign language. 
The experience performed very well, exceeding benchmarks for similar placements.


When it was realized that clips and cutdowns couldn’t run, these placements were created to fill the media gaps created by some overlooked contract details.
Using production stills and existing lifestyle images, we created this series of 6-second spots that felt at home within the partnered promotion.