AI Play

Images below are in reverse-chronological order. So, you can watch me try and figure this out and maybe get better.

Disco Diffusion
Stable Diffusion
A fluffy green monster fighting a werewolf in the city and the people are running away. (Toddler Prompt)
Beistle-style Halloween masks. Pumpkin, skull, and witch masks from John Carpenter’s Halloween part 3.
Power Rangers Mystic Forces surrounded by fire using dark magic to conjure a demon.
Owlbear walking through a lush green mountain valley. Painterly Rankin Bass Hobbit cartoon style.
A Frances Bacon painting of a pack of grey wolves devouring a man in a business suit.
Thomas Kinkade painting of a Ram 1500 driving on a scenic country road.
Cannibal Corpse album cover in the style of Spongebob Squarepants cartoon.
Hyper-color kaiju in a Norwegian fjord.